Push Brooms

Slim. Shock-Absorbing. Unbreakable.

Our connectors were designed to last, to not damage nearby objects, and to not damage your body.

Flex-Power Unbreakable Push Broom vs. The Tractor

(Spoiler Alert: You Won't Be Needing a New Handle!)

Still Wasn't Broken

"Wow! We banged it all up but the broom still wasn't broken."
Dick Ograin, Equipment Manager

Don't Buy Any Other

"We now don't buy any other broom."
Dwayne Knoll, Equipment Manager

No Braces

"With no braces the guys are even cleaning the jobs better."
DT, Construction Equipment Manager

Leaves No Water

"The squeegee is great, it leaves no water behind."
Nate D., Dewey Produce

● Flexsweep's patented high-tech elastomer shock absorbing unbreakable “Flex-Power” connector is the ultimate industrial cleaning tool handle attachment. It easily allows the broom maneuver obstacles with little impact to the broom head, handle, obstacles, and operator’s wrists making sweeping easier.
● FlexSweep handles and Flex-Power connectors will withstand even the toughest of environments. Our handle and connector system has stood up against tractors, adults, kids, and even highway traffic.
● When the bristles wear out, you can easily replace the broom block.

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