• FlexSweep started with the vision of unbreakable push broom handles back in 1977.

    Simon Cassar, the founder of FlexSweep Industries, was working in a grocery store while going through college to get his aeronautical degree. One night Simon was having a really bad day. During that night he did a whole lot of sweeping and while sweeping, he noticed that broom braces got in the way and damaged everything they hit, he also broke three broom handles!

    Simon, who is a Christian, believes that with faith you can take any bad situation and turn it around and make it into something really good. The next day Simon pursued making unbreakable handles for cleaning tools. After over 23 years of persistence, and tinkering around with several different handle connecting designs, the FlexSweep Unbreakable Connector TG-7 for push broom handles was created.

    Simon attributes the success of the FlexSweep Unbreakable Connector to patience, and working with excellent aerospace and chemical engineers who helped him design “The World’s Finest and Toughest Cleaning Tools”. Most of all, he “Thanks God” (TG) who is the source of all wholesome great ideas and who can take any bad situation and make it into something really awesome. Thus from a broken heart we now have unbreakable handles!

    We hope you enjoy the products that we are so blessed to offer.

    Yours Truly,