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Flex-Power Unbreakable Push Broom vs. The Tractor

(Spoiler Alert: You Won't Be Needing a New Handle!)

Still Wasn't Broken

"Wow! We banged it all up but the broom still wasn't broken."
Dick Ograin, Equipment Manager

Don't Buy Any Other

"We now don't buy any other broom."
Dwayne Knoll, Equipment Manager

No Braces

"With no braces the guys are even cleaning the jobs better."
DT, Construction Equipment Manager

Leaves No Water

"The squeegee is great, it leaves no water behind."
Nate D., Dewey Produce

Flex-Power Unbreakable Brooms

Unbreakable handles with a lightweight shock absorbing connector.

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EasyFlip Blades Double Lifespan

EasyFlip blades double the lifespan of your squeegee by allowing you to use both sides of the blade. Flex-Tough All Terrain blades can be used on multiple types of surfaces. When the time comes, you only need to replace the blades!

Squeegee Assembly and EasyFlipTM Instructions

Dust Mop Connectors without Springs and Clamps

The dust mop pads are machine washable and have hang tags for easy storage. The unbreakable connector has not springs, rivets, or clamps and automatically swivels back to neutral position for easier movement.

Easy-Clean Snap-On Mop System Makes Cleaning... Well, Easy!

You only need one handle for your flat mops and scrub brushes. The flat mop pads are microfiber and machine washable. The connector locks into non-swivel mode with overload protection.

Easy-Clean Snap-On Mop System Instructions and Tips

Foam, Wire, and Color - Oh My!

You can mix and match our colored handles with any of our products!

Manufactured in California

We assemble all our products in California with components made in the USA and foreign made components.