Blades last twice as long and the handle is unbreakable.

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Push Brooms

World’s first unbreakable and shock-absorbing push broom.

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Flat Mops + Scrub Brushes

Handle never breaks and can be used on multiple superior cleaning tools.

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Dust Mops

Easiest swiveling mop in the world and is unbreakable.

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Wet Mop and Threaded Handles

World’s toughest telescopic handles for Quick Bite and Threaded connectors.

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Food Industry & Specialty Products

All the advantages of an engineered FlexSweep but in food compliant colors.

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Our 24" Commercial Floor Squeegee is Featured on

Angela Brown’s Top 10 Squeegees for House Cleaning

Savvy Cleaner Recommended

FlexSweep on Shark Tank

First ever cleaning manufacturer on Shark Tank!

Manufactured in California

We assemble all our products in California with components made in the USA and foreign made components.