World's Toughest and Finest Cleaning Tools

  • Made in the USA

    We assemble all our products in California with components made in the USA and with foreign made components.

  • Shock-absorbing Connectors

    Flexsweep's patented high-tech elastomer connectors increase maneuverability of tools to reduce impact on body.

  • Handles-For-Life Guarantee

    FlexSweep provides a Handles-For-Life Warranty for all aero-aluminum handles with high-tech elastomer shock absorbing connectors.

Watch to Learn More About Why FlexSweep is the World's Toughest and Finest Cleaning Tools

  • Easy-Clean™ Snap-On™ Flat Mop

    FlexSweep's durable Easy-Clean Flat Mop Handle System is made in USA and has been crash tested 25,000 times.

  • Key Features:

    • Swivel Connector and Lower Handle Guaranteed
    • Swivel or Lock Connector
    • No Ridges to Host Bacteria
    • Interchangeable Cleaning Tools Available
  • Each Kit Includes:

    • Aero-Aluminum Adjustable Handle
    • 18" Flat Mop Frame
    • 18" Microfiber Flat Mop Pads (2)
    • 18" Microfiber Dust Mop

Looking for a single Easy-Clean™ Snap-On™ Flat Mop?

FlexSweep Patented Easy-Clean Microfiber Flat Mop System with Unbreakable Handle, Easy Snap-On 9 Inch and 18 Inch Frames, Microfiber Wet Scrub Pads, and Dry Dust Pads Available on

Watch FlexSweep Unbreakable Push Broom vs. Tractor