FlexSweep Squeegee Instructions

FlexSweep Squeegee Assembly Instructions
FlexSweep Squeegee Assembly Instructions
1. Remove the 2 wing nuts
2. Remove the scraper & flip it upside down
3. Remove the 2 lock washers
4. Install scraper with protruding tabs up so it lays flat on the frame and is facing forward
5. Install handle connector over bolts & install lock washers
6. Install wing nuts and tighten

Note: If bolt spins or turns, push the bolt up from the backside to engage bolt 5 head square into square slot in frame to stop spinning.

When the time comes, you will only need to replace the blades, not the entire squeegee. New blades are available here and on amazon.com.

Two Replacement Blade Sets
Six Replacement Blade Sets