Easy-Clean Mop System Instructions and Tips

Easy-CleanTM Mop System Makes Cleaning... Well, Easy!

You only need one handle for your flat mops and scrub brushes. The flat mop pads are microfiber and machine washable. The connector locks into non-swivel mode with overload protection.

Easy-CleanTM  Connects to Flat Mops and Scrub Brushes

Easy-Clean Instructions

1. Hold with Foot
2. Press with Thumb
3. Push to Install (Pull to Remove)

Easy-CleanTM Easy Hang Tags

Easy-Clean Easy Hang TagsEasy-Clean Easy Hang Tags

Easy-CleanTM No Hands Get Wet Method

 No Hands Get Wet Method

Pull Tab & Push Down on Sink Edge

Easy-CleanTM Baseboard Cleaning

Easy-Clean Baseboard Cleaning