TG10 Aero-Aluminum Easy-Clean™ Snap-On™ Handle for Flat Mops and Scrub Brushes (4 Pack)

  • $112.96
Price Per Unit: $28.24

Our Easy-Clean™ Snap-On™ Mop System connects to our flat mop frame as well as to our scrub brushes.

  • Easy-Clean™ Snap-On™ Handle System with Guaranteed Unbreakable Aero-Aluminum Handle 1” x 58”
  • Easily Snaps on to Multiple Cleaning Tools
  • Patented and Guaranteed Unbreakable FlexSweep Connector
  • Handle works with TG10 Flat Mops and TG10 Scrub Brushes
  • Swivel Action with Lock Mechanism and Overload Protection
  • Cushion Mid Grip and Leatherette End Grip
  • Note: Handle Will Be Black 

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