Unbreakable Push Brooms

Chosen by Amazon as one of the two best push brooms on the market.

  • Patented connector makes handle Guaranteed Unbreakable.  Run this push broom over with a forklift or truck – the handle won’t break.
  • Ergonomic.  Flexes on impact, reducing stress and strain on your back.
  • Enjoy sweeping!  Our customers tell us their employees LIKE to sweep when they use our push brooms.
  • Scraper: Flip the push broom to quickly remove stubborn materials.
  • Tough.  You can even sweep large stones with our push broom.

Alert: Recently there have been companies showing FlexSweep images and shipping knock-off brooms. Purchasing directly from our website, our brand on Amazon.com, and Amazon are the best ways to ensure you are purchasing true FlexSweep products.

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