• For cleaning tools that work harder than you do, rely on FlexSweep.  Our push brooms, dust mops, floor squeegee, flat mops and swivel scrub brushes outshine ALL their competitors.
  • Our patented connectors are unbreakable, and absorb most of the repetitive shock from impact, protecting your shoulders and back. These connectors also make the handles virtually unbreakable, so your work isn’t interrupted by broken tools.  (Some handles are guaranteed unbreakable.  See our product list.)
  • The cleaning items have been carefully designed to make work easier for you.  There are cushioned end grips, scrapers to loosen items that are stuck.  There are no metal pieces or braces that can damage things.
  • The tools are meant to last your lifetime – simply replace the broom block, pad, or blade – saving you money year after year.


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