Food Industry

  • One handle with multiple cleaning tools – perfect for the food industry!
  • Our Flex-Connect family of swivel brushes and flat mops are color coded for food industry use.
    We start with a handle and a patented, unbreakable connector that can easily switch from rigid to swivel.   The patented connector absorbs repetitive shock, making the tool ergonomic for its users.
  • Then we add carefully designed swivel brushes and flat mops with parts that can be easily replaced.
  • In the end you get a tool for life.  All you have to do is replace brushes or pads when they wear out.
  • Consider our push broom with a structured foam block.  It’s ergonomic, guaranteed unbreakable, and you just switch out the block when the bristles wear out.
  • Finally, our customers LOVE our floor squeegee!  We’ve designed it to double the life of the blade, and when the blade is used, you can easily replace it.

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