Patented shock absorbing handle makes broom and handle unbreakable. Can’t unthread.


No braces to get in the way or cause damage to low shelves and tables.


Easy T-knob 30-second assembly. Non-loosening high tech hex drive bolts.


“Crash” tested over 1 million times without breakage or deformation. Run over by tractors and trucks with no damage.


Flexes when other brooms break. You can sweep 100 pound items.


Ergonomically absorbs shocks that could impact wrists, arms, should and back when hitting stationary objects (a common occurrence).

“The World’s Toughest & Finest Cleaning Tools”

We manufacture quality push brooms, flat mops, dust mops, scrub brushes, and floor squeegees that are unbreakable and ergonomic. Our handles absorb up to 70% of the shock from repetitive impact – to prevent back and muscle injuries! They do not have cumbersome braces which damage things (and your muscles) upon impact.
We use advanced polymer technology and aerospace materials to create broom handles which flex on impact and absorb repetitive shock.
When handles are unbreakable, you don’t have to needlessly replace broom after broom – just replace the block when it is worn!
Proudly made in the USA!
With patented technology, a new era of broom handles is here.
We guarantee that our handles will not break. Run them over, bash them, smash them.
They’re the toughest product on the market!